Y.C. Luo
Y.C. Luo was formerly the President of Royal Philips Electronics' Global Electronics Components Business Division. While at Philips, he used a distinctive management philosophy and conceptual approach to lead various departments in achieving strong growth in sales. He thereby became the first Asian to join the policymaking core of Philips' board in the 105 years of the company's history. During Luo's thirty years in the electronics industry, he has been hailed as "Mister Quality" and possesses a profound insight of the key factors for success in technology businesses. He contributes greatly to Prudence Capital Management's investment strategies in the semiconductor and information technology industries.

Dr. Eric G.H. Lean
Dr. Eric G.H. Lean is currently a fellow of the Academia Sinica, and is also a fellow of the Optical Society of America and IEEE. His expertise is in optoelectronics technology, magnetic storage technology, optical storage technology and systems, and semiconductor lasers. Dr. Lean was also the former director of the Industrial Technology Research Institute's Optoelectronics and Subsystem Laboratories. While in this position, he assisted domestic vendors in establishing key component technologies, enabling Taiwan's optoelectronics industry to achieve rapid growth. He has made outstanding contributions to both Taiwan's academic and business development in the area of optoelectronics technology, and is a leading figure who is one of the few persons with both a solid academic background and extensive industry experience.

Dr. Edward Chang
Dr. Edward Chang currently serves as the president of China Investment and Development, and is well-known in Taiwan as a expert in genetic and cell immunity research. He has devoted many years in basic genetic research at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. While serving as deputy CEO at Development Center for Biotechnology, under MOEA, he was involved in the setting of a number of strategies for the development of the domestic biotechnology industry, and facilitated the introduction of advanced biotechnology and drug technologies from abroad. With a solid insight of the latest development trends in the global biotechnology industry, he has a broad range of contacts and an extensive intelligence network in the local and foreign biotechnology industries and academia. He is making important contributions to the Prudence Capital Management's biotechnology investments.

Ron Norris
Ron Norris is the managing partner of the VentureTech Alliance LLP, wholly owned venture arm of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC). Norris has served as TSMC's senior vice president and president of TSMC North America. He has 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, and has held important positions in production, R&D, and management. He has a thorough understanding of development trends in the global semiconductor industry.

Dustin Huang
Mr. Huang has served in several important strategic, managerial, production, and sales positions with the Elite Group,including general manager of the multimedia business division at Elitegroup Computer Systems and vice general manager at Umax's PC business division. He has also served as a venture capital investment consultant for WK Capital, PowerWorld Capital Management, and China Investment & Development. In addition, he possesses solid business experience in PCs, information appliances, and embedded systems, as well as a broad network of industry contacts. Mr. Huang graduated from Tunghai University with a degree in international trade.

James Fu
Mr. Fu was the country officer of British Telecom in Taiwan, and also held important R&D and sales positions at IBM and NCR. In addition, he is one of the co-founders of Cameo Communications. At the same time, he has many years of experience in technology business investment, incubation, and consulting, as well as understanding the developmental trends and key factors for success in the global network information and data storage industries. Mr. Fu has a MSEE from the University of North Carolina.

Dr C.Y. Chang
Dr. C.Y. Chang is currently principal scientist at Broadcom. He has also served in important R&D or investment positions at Ciena, Raza Foundries, and Lucent. He has extensive industry experience in wireless communications and broadband communications, and has directed the development of numerous innovative communications technologies, such as asynchronous mixed data streams and the WISDOM wireless communications infrastructure for mobile data communications on the Multi-Service Provisioning Platform (MSPP) and SONET architectures. Dr. Chang has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University.